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From losing to Gothenburg Ice Skating Club to becoming Swedish Champions...

Finished sixth in the standing in regular season, lost to Färjestad in the quarter-finals by 4-3.

The start of the season was miserable, but once the season progressed the team improved the game. In the end the team finished ninth.

Frölunda was not only the most dangerous team offensively with 169 goals on 50 games, but also the strongest team on home ice. All together, Frölunda finished second in Elitserien (regular season).

In the quarterfinals Brynäs was defeated by 4-0 games, and in the semifinals Frölunda turned around from a 1-3 deficit in games to win against Linköping.

After several years of losing in the championship finals Färjestad finally won the championship versus Frölunda. Most notably during the season was another attendance record – 386 000 people visited Frölunda Indians’ home games.

Frölunda won the regular season, 15 points ahead of the runner-up-Färjestad. This season a record 11 676 people/game (regular season) attended Frölunda´s games in Scandinavium. In the first round Luleå awaited, and Frölunda won 4-0 in games. A total of 23-5 in goals. During the semi-finals three games was played in Frölundaborg. Frölunda won 4-1 versus Djurgården. Frölunda won the championship by defeating Färjestad. Niklas Andersson made sure the gold-medal would return to Gothenburg by scoring the 1-0 goal 12.51 in overtime.

Frölunda finished third in the regular season, behind HV 71 and Färjestad. They crushed Djurgården 4-0 in matches in the quarter-finals. Frölunda won impressively both the first and second game with 8-1 respectively. HV 71 from Jönköping awaited in the semi-finals, where Frölunda was defeated by 4-2 in games.

Frölunda won the regular season in impressive style. They defeated Modo in the quarter-finals. Then, they beat Timrå, the surprise team of the season, 4-2 in the semi-finals. The finals against Färjestad were an evenly- matched affair, but Frölunda won all four matches, and, after 38 years of waiting, Frölunda won the Swedish Championships for the second time.

Frölunda finished fifth in the regular season, which Färjestad won with a record 118 points. After five matches MoDo were too strong in the play-off semi-finals.

Frölunda finished eighth in the regular season, which Djurgården won. In the quarter-finals, Frölunda lost to Färjestad.

Frölunda finished third in the regular season behind Djurgården and Brynäs; lost to Modo in the quarter-finals.

Seventh in the regular season, which Modo won. Modo then beat Frölunda in the quarter-finals.

Frölunda finished fourth in the regular season; won against Brynäs in the quarter-finals, but lost 3-1 to Färjestad in the semi-finals.

Seventh in the “Eliteserien” (Elite Ice Hockey League); Frölunda lost to Luleå in the quarter-finals.

Second in the Eliteserien behind Luleå, however with the same number of points. Frölunda beat Leksand in the quarter-finals and MoDo in the semi-finals, but Frölunda lost to Luleå in the finals.

Frölunda finished eleventh in the Eliteserien, and again had to play in the “Allsvenskan” (First Division), where they came second behind Rögle. In the play-offs, Frölunda beat Rögle.

Back in the Elitserien, and Frölunda finished fourth. After a low scoring 1-0 road win against Modo, Djurgården proved to be too strong in the quarter-finals.

Second to last in the Eliteserien and relegated to the Allsvenskan, where they were victorious. Frölunda beat Huddinge 3-0 in the Allsvenskan Play-Off Finals.

At last, on 20 October, came the first road win in 28 matches in the Eliteserien. Frölunda finished fifth in the league, but lost to Brynäs in the quarter-finals.

Another difficult season in the Eliteserien, Frölunda played 12 games between 7 October and 22 November without a single win. The home game against Luleå on 6 December was another setback (1-8). It was better in the Allsvenskan, losing 3-1 to Leksand in the Allsvenskan Play-off Finals (best of five), but winning the qualification group. IF Mölndal Hockey came seventh in the Allsvenskan.

The Eliteserien was too tough for Frölunda, who finished last. The home match against AIK on 25 February finished 7-13. Frölunda let in 202 goals in 40 games.

Winners of Division I again, second in the Allsvenskan, but defeat against Västerås in the deciding match of the finals. Frölunda won the qualification group and the Eliteserien awaited.

Winners of Division I (South), winners of the Allsvenskan, but lost 10-1 in the fifth, and deciding, game of the Allsvenskan Playoff Finals against Skellefteå. Frölunda finished third in the qualification group.

Again winners of Division I (South). This time, they came third in the Allsvenskan and crashed out to Väsby in the first-round of the playoffs.

Frölunda won Division I (South), finished fourth in the Allsvenskan and lost to Västerås in the second-round of the playoffs.

Västra Frölunda Hockey Club is formed. Frölunda and Troja were in a class of their own in Division I (South). Troja and Frölunda won one match each in their head-to-heads, but Frölunda won the regular season. In the Allsvenskan, Frölunda came third behind Modo and Troja. In the playoffs, Västerås were too strong.

The year when Frölunda came last, including a heavy 10-2 road loss to Leksand, and dropped out of the Eliteserien.

Not a good season, including eight straight defeats and a heavy 9-2 defeat on the road against Björklöven. Frölunda finished seventh in the Eliteserien.

Even though Frölunda came only seventh, and, with that, missed the playoffs, they still got their revenge on Djurgården (from 1979/80). In the road match on 10 December, Frölunda, between 18:43 and 19:49 of the third period, turned a 3-2 deficit into a 5-3 victory.

Fifth in the regular season and a heavy 10-1 defeat against Färjestad on 22 February: in the playoffs, it was just two games in the semi-finals against AIK, who were too strong for Frölunda.

After a third-place finish in the Eliteserien, Frölunda went to the playoffs. Worth noting, however, is during the match against Djurgården on 25 November they fell asleep - between 18:48 and 19:42 in the third period, DIF turned a 5-7 deficit into an 8-7 victory. Huge win (10-4) against Björklöven on 13 March: in the playoffs, Frölunda successfully saw off Björklöven in the semi-finals, but succumbed 2-1 to Brynäs in a fifth, and deciding, final at Johanneshov.

Huge home win (12-1) against Brynäs on 22 February. Fifth in the Eliteserien.

On 13 November, Frölunda were trailing Skellefteå 4-0, but won 6-5. On 9 March, they trounced Leksand 10-1 at home. Frölunda finished sixth in the Eliteserien.

AIK got their revenge the following year, when they thrashed Frölunda 9-0 in Gothenburg. Frölunda finished eighth in the Eliteserien.

Despite some really good games, Frölunda finished seventh in the Eliteserien. Frölunda won 9-1 at home against Färjestad, 8-0 away to AIK and 7-0 at home to Skellefteå.

The match against Timrå on 26 January should be quickly forgotten. Timrå won 12-1, seven of their goals were scored in the first period. Frölunda had a total of 15 shots on goal. On 13 February, there was the tragic plane crash (some of the Frölunda players had been on their way to a match against Brynäs). The team played its next game on 16 February.

Second in the regular season behind Leksand. Leksand won the SM-playoffs (Swedish Championship Playoffs), whilst Frölunda came seventh.

Frölunda finished fourth in the regular season and third in the SM-playoffs behind Leksand and Södertälje.

Frölunda won Division I (South), but were not as successful in the SM-playoffs; the team finishing sixth. Worth noting that the first league match was played at Scandinavium on 17 October against Färjestad, Frölunda winning 5-3. In the District Championship, Frölunda won 15-1 in the semi-finals against Chalmers, and convincingly 10-0 in the final against Vasa HC.

Fourth in the regular season, but last in the “SM-serien” (Swedish League Championships). The consolation this year was that they won the District Championship Final against Vasa 11-1.

Frölunda finished fourth in the regular season, but picked themselves up in the SM-serien and came second behind Brynäs. For the home match against Brynäs on 18 January, 10,242 spectators came to Frölundaborg; Brynäs winning 3-2.

Frölunda came second in the regular season and third in the SM-serien. In the home game against Nybro, which Frölunda won 11-0, Frölunda fired 73 shots (32-28-13).

Third in the regular season and third in the SM-serien, which was reintroduced. On 14 December, during the regular season match away to Västerås, Ronald “Angry-Pelle” Pettersson broke his leg and a fantastic carrier was over. In the return match against Västerås on 28 January, Frölunda took revenge by crushing Västerås 17-0.

Third in the regular season, with a place in the SM playoff finals. Once again, it was Brynäs who proved to be too strong.

In the regular season, Frölunda came second behind Brynäs. In the SM-playoffs (new for this year), Frölunda beat Modo in the quarter-finals. The semi-finals required a third, and deciding, game against Djurgården, Frölunda winning 12-1. Brynäs won the finals (best of three) against Frölunda 2-1.

First, Frölunda won Division I (South), then, on 11 February, they secured the Swedish Championship by beating Västerås away in the SM-serien. In the District Championship Final, Frölunda easily beat Fellows 14-0.

Again winners of Division I (South). In the match against Öster, on 5 December, Frölunda scored ten goals in the second period. The match finished 15-2. Frölunda ended up fourth in the SM-serien.

Winners of Division I (South) for the first time. At the home match against Djurgården on 8 November, in front of a crowd of 23,192 at Ullevi, the team got its revenge for the year before. Frölunda won 3-2 after having been 0-2 down. A Swedish attendance record was set. The match against Grums was also historic with regards to goals in the top division; Frölunda winning 18-4. Frölunda ended up fifth in the SM-serien. In the District Championship Final, Frölunda downed Bäcken 7-2.

Success in the Division I (South), Frölunda come second behind Djurgården. The match against Djurgården on 17 December attracted 22,307 spectators to Ullevi. Djurgården won 6-5. Frölunda also finished second in the SM-serien. In the District Championship, Frölunda downed Kungälvs IK 14-7.

Frölunda back in Division II (West B), which they won undefeated with an impressive goals for/against of 171-35 in fourteen matches. However, it is obvious that the 22-0 result against Mariestad boosted the statistics somewhat. Frölunda won the playoff series to advance to Division I (South). Frölunda were finally able to beat GAIS in a district championship final, the result being 7-0.

Debut in Division I (South). Teams like Djurgården, Södertälje and Bofors were just too strong. Frölunda’s first goal in the top division was scored by Kjell Jönsson on 20 November.

Success in Division II (South B); Frölunda won the league ahead of Troja. Frölunda also won the playoff series to advance to Division I. When it comes to spectator friendly ice hockey, we can report that an exhibition match at the Ullevi rink between a full-strength Frölunda and Djurgården finished 9-9.

Debut in Division II (West B); Frölunda ended up second behind Kil. In the District Championship, GAIS were still too strong.

Frölunda win Division III of the South Western League undefeated. Goals for/against after five matches: 41-4.

Frölunda finished second in the league behind GAIS.

Frölunda back in Division III of the South Western League, where they came second. In the District Championship, Frölunda lost 5-1 in the final against GAIS. During this time, Frölunda also played its first international match, winning 10-3 at home against Rosenhov from Oslo.

Frölunda back in Class 1 of the Gothenburg League, which they won easily. In an exhibition match, a full-strength Frölunda, for the first time, played against a team from outside Western Sweden. On 17 February 1954, Hammarby won the match at the Ullevi rink 16-1.

Frölunda came fifth this year, when the teams played each other twice in the league. The District Championship was won for the first time this year. The 1952 District Championship Final against Fellows was played in 1953; Frölunda winning 3-1.

Frölunda made its debut in Division III of the South Western League, where they came third behind IFK Trollhättan and IFK Vänersborg.

Frölunda won Class 1 of the Gothenburg League undefeated. In one of the matches, Frölunda beat Lerum 15-2.

Frölunda won Class B of the Gothenburg League. Goals for/against after three matches were 16-4.

No district matches were played because of the warm winter.

Frölunda came second behind Dixhov in the Gothenburg League. Worth noting that Frölunda beat Chalmers by a walk over.

Frölunda came second behind Gothenburg Ice Skating Club in the Gothenburg League. Hisingen and Chalmers came third and fourth respectively.

Frölunda lost 7-3 to Gothenburg Ice Skating Club in the District Championship.

The league began, but could not be finished because of the adverse weather.

Västra Frölunda IF included ice hockey in its programme.

50 years of Västra Frölunda by Szymon Szemberg
Match programmes and other printed media.