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Lördag Lör 8 December Dec
Tisdag Tis 11 December Dec
Onsdag Ons 19 December Dec
Fredag Fre 21 December Dec
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Fredag Fre 28 December Dec
Söndag Sön 30 December Dec
Lördag Lör 5 Januari Jan
Tisdag Tis 8 Januari Jan
Torsdag Tor 10 Januari Jan
Lördag Lör 12 Januari Jan
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Torsdag Tor 17 Januari Jan
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Torsdag Tor 24 Januari Jan
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Tisdag Tis 29 Januari Jan
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Tisdag Tis 12 Februari Feb
Torsdag Tor 14 Februari Feb
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Torsdag Tor 21 Februari Feb
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Tisdag Tis 26 Februari Feb
Torsdag Tor 28 Februari Feb
Lördag Lör 2 Mars Mar
Tisdag Tis 5 Mars Mar

Autographs & giveaways

Please send us a regular snail-mail (regular envelope) with your name and full address along with your request. Maximum of three autographs per request, and send it to:

Frölunda Hockey Club
Box 121 27
402 42 Gothenburg

A return envelope must be included (size 23 x 16 centimetres) with your complete name and address. Frölunda Hockey Club cannot be held responsible for any pictures lost in the mail. Please be patient with your request as it may take circa 3 months before you get answer due to the high volume of requests and the fact players sign three times/season (regular season).

In conjuction with the home games in Scandinavium you can meet a selected player in McDonalds Fans Corner to get autographs on your game-jersey for example.

Usually we do not answer emails requesting autographs as we kindly ask you to follow the instructions on this page.

Please state in your letter if you want promotional times/giveaways.

At certain external events can you meet players and get your merchandise signed. For translation please contact [email protected].